Sunday, 25 March 2012

March 25 Freestyle

Ladysan Dada Obias and Ladysan Daisy on the Fighting Ground!

Baztekhan Clan Random Pics

Baztekhan Blackbelts

Baztekhan Brown Belts

Baztekhan Green Belts

Baztekhan White Belts

Monday, 13 February 2012

Baztekhan California

 NS Joseph Arroyo and NS Ronan Reclusado

Pugay NS Kaitlyn

Pugay NS Joseph

Pugay Noysan Ronan

Pugay NS Brenda

UAE Baztekhan

L-R LS Diamond LS Firebird, NS Sweet, LS Fiametta, NS Ken, SS Lazer, NS Toni 
KIds L-R NS Zion, NS Zoe', NS MIcah and NS Genesis

Nesan Zoe and Nesan Micah

Noysan Zion and Noysan Genesis doing the Freestyle

we are still a happy couple, yey!!! hehe

Nice block mommy!

A sirsan in the making - Noysan Ken...

Ladysan Diamond (Jennifer Diaz), Sirsan Laser (Cocoy Diaz) and Nesan Sweet

powerful front kick from LS Diamond

NS Tony dont be too hard on SS Cox!!! hehe

Bring it on LS Firebird!

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